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Hand-made for Canada, eh?

A silver spoon, now a timeless ring; a classic fork, made into a timeless pendant. Yesterday's silver-plated cutlery is reborn as today's charming jewelry, given new life through meticulous craftsmanship by Vintage Spoonworks.

Who We Are

A family-run business that grew out of a passion for making something unique.  Read all about how Vintage Spoonworks came to life and what keeps us spooning!

Our Jewelry

Whether you're looking for a bracelet, ring, earrings, or stamped cutlery, check out what Vintage Spoonworks has to offer!  And there is always something new coming!

Buy Locally

Vintage Spoonworks is proud to be showcased in numerous arts, artisan and craft stores around  the Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver Area and Vancouver Island

Custom request?  No problem!

Whether you're looking for a stamped knife for your wedding day, a ring to commermorate a graduation, or just have some family silver hanging around, we can make almost anything from your special cutlery.

Custom Orders

Your Wedding Day.  An Anniversary.  A special milestone.  Whatever your occasion, and whatever your request (well, almost), get your custom order going today!

Facebook or Instagram with Us

We're online and chatting worldwide with friends we've made around the world.  Won't you be one of them?  Join us to see what we're up to!

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