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Our Jewelry

Spoon Bracelets

Spoon bracelets are made by selecting two matching handles either from a fork or a spoon. These are then transformed by bending, cutting, drilling, and filing. Some of the handles may have a hammered technique done to them just to add that extra textured appearance to them. Then comes a final polishing to a high luster. These handles gleam with beauty.

The finished handles are then assembled with jewelry findings to make the bracelet.

All these bracelets have a magnetic clasp and safety chain. As an addition we add a removable charm to compliment the bracelet to the center as a dangle charm. These bracelets are a gorgeous piece of jewelry that can be worn daily or for that special occasion.


IMG_0911 copy.jpg
IMG_0910 copy.jpg
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IMG_0921-v2 copy.jpg
IMG_0925-v2 copy.jpg
IMG_0923-v2 copy.jpg
IMG_0976-v2 copy.jpg
IMG_0983-v2 copy.jpg
IMG_0992-v2 copy.jpg
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Spoon Rings

Spoon rings are hand shaped on a ring mandrel.  They are cut to a specific length and each cut end is finely worked on with a dremel to shape and fit into the adjoining end when the ring is closed.


Each ring is filed and sanded along with a high finish polish that makes these rings gleam.


Other spoon ring designs include wrap around and a fork rings. These unique rings are very popular.

IMG_1195 copy.jpg
IMG_1199 copy.jpg
IMG_1210-v2 copy.jpg
IMG_1208-v2 copy.jpg
IMG_1207 copy.jpg
IMG_1203-v2 copy.jpg
IMG_1241 copy.jpg
IMG_1248 copy.jpg
IMG_1232 copy.jpg
IMG_1234 copy.jpg
IMG_1238 copy.jpg
IMG_1236 copy.jpg

Spoon Pendants

Our pendants come in a variety of designs and looks. We use the beautiful end of the handle, cut to length and finish the edges to a high gleam. At one end we drill a hole for a sterling bail to be attached, now ready for your chain. A second style, the handle of a spoon or fork is folded over at the top so the fold over is now the bail for your chain to fit through. Many patterns look wonderful this way.


Yet another style can be made by using the spoon bowl which may have a unique design of its’ own. It may be flattened or the hammer technique will be applied. Even the small seafood fork make lovely pendants. Lastly, the ends of knives are used to make a bell pendant known as our ‘Annabell’ pendant. The decorative ends of knives are cut from the handle, filed and polished. To finish it off a cluster of beads are attached, dangling from within.


Spoon Earrings

Our earrings are fashioned by using demitasse spoons. The demitasse handles are used as they are much lighter in weight. The handles are sawed to the fashionable length. A hole is drilled into which we attach sterling ear wires. All the cut ends are done to a high finish.


All Vintage Spoonworks Earrings only use sterling silver hooks.

IMG_1251 copy.jpg
IMG_1256 copy.jpg
IMG_1253 copy.jpg
IMG_1214 copy.jpg
IMG_1216 copy.jpg
IMG_1215 copy.jpg

Stamped Cutlery

Using steel punching dies, small phrases are stamped onto the cutlery. The words or phrases are cute and whimsical such as “Butter me up” on a butter knife, and a key chain may read “The Keys to the Castle”, “Live, Love, Laugh”, a flattened spoon bowl for a key chain can say “Follow your yellow brick road.”


For Weddings stamped cutlery for the bride and groom can have many sayings like “I Do”, “I Did”, “Bride”, ‘Groom”, etc.


A cake server can have the date of the wedding stamped upon it as a wonderful keepsake.

Almost any choice of words can create in a phrase can be stamped upon cutlery to add to the charm of a great keepsake piece.


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