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Who We Are

Yesterday's vintage cutlery is reborn as today's charming jewelry, brought to new life by Vintage Spoonworks' family hobby.


Welcome to Vintage Spoonworks, where vintage cutlery is creatively upcycled into beautiful whimsical jewelry. Many of these design patterns bring forth memories of their parents and grandparents family silverware.


Bev has been creating Spoon Jewelry for over seventeen years. It all started when she purchased a Spoon bracelet from a local craft market. The design was called Coronation and Bev was hooked. Her crafty mind says “I can make this”.


As the story goes Bev showed her husband Dave of her new found treasure, she then stated “We can make these!..... Can’t we Dave”?


The rest is history with lots of trial and errors, but Bev was ever persistent that we can do this. Fast forward with herself taught skills, Bev has been creating and selling spoon jewelry ever since. She has even hooked in her hubby Dave, daughter Karie, son Dan and Son-in-law Martin in on the action. This hobby is a lot more fun when the whole family becomes involved.


Most of Bev’s selling have been at local craft markets in the Fraser Valley, Grater Vancouver areas and Vancouver Island.

– Vintage Spoonworks

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